Hi, I'm Noti.

I will be your little companion living in your mac menu, relaying any notifications you get on your Android phone with Pushbullet installed on it.

I'm very lightweight, do not require a browser to be opened, and use native macOS functionality wherever possible.

Noti does one thing, and it does it really well: Notifications.

Reply to messages, straight from a notification.

Never look at your phone again while you’re on your mac.
In fact: Don’t even look away from the application you are using,
 just enter your reply in the notification itself!

Don’t just watch, act!

Seeing a notification is one thing, but actually acting on it is a 
whole other! Take action upon notifications without even touching your phone.

Alright, let me get out my wallet...

No need. Noti is completely free, and even opensource.
However, you can always help Noti by spreading the word,
and/or submitting pull requests.